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This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home). Additional pages of adopted dogs can be found by clicking hereherehereherehere, and here.
Adopted Dogs
Colt is a 3 year old tri beauty who was surrendered by his previous owner because he did not do well with the new baby. This beautiful boy is being adopted by his foster family in College Place, WA.

Dallas is a 4 year old chestnut tri boy that was transferred to SWESR from a local group in North Texas. This lucky boy will be joining his new family and ES Domino and Avery in Longmont, CO.  He will get to go on daily walks and hike the nearby trails as well as explore his new dog friendly town.
Mia is a 2 year old tri-color English Setter. This sweetheart will join her Setter experienced home in Edmond, OK and have another ES to play with and enjoy the large backyard.

Murphy - Adoption Pending 
Murphy is a 6 year old orange boy who was one of the Strasburg seizure dogs from Dec. 2015.  This lucky boy is now enjoying the good life in Loveland, CO with his incredible foster parents who are going to adopt him.  He joins SWESR Rocco and ES Sophie who also was a Strasburg seizure dog.

Molly is approximately 9 years young and was rescued from the Mesa AZ shelter.
This sweet girl is staying with her wonderful foster family in Tuscon, AZ as a SWESR Furever Foster. She joins SWESR Bessie and ES Willy. Her new parents say she loves meeting new people and other dogs and enjoys her morning walks to the river.

Jules had the heart and will of a lioness and the body of a senior dog that had been neglected for many, many years before rescue. Rescued in Mar2016 in she was diagnosed with Cushings that had been left untreated for a long time. Further tests dx'd kidney disease. She may not have thrived physically, but she was a happy, sweet, delightful Setter girl for the 13 months she was in rescue. She is now at the Bridge, healthy again, and likely bossing around all the other beloved Setters that have passed.

Penny (now Chessa)
Penny is a sweet, birdy, 3 year young ES girl. This sweetie will be heading to Dallas, TX to join her new family. She will love watching the birds and squirrels in her backyard with ES Boomer.

Dotty was 12-13 years old when we rescued her in the TX Panhandle. She was in poor condition from a tick disease she'd had for years. We tried to make her better, she certainly had the heart and determination, but her body was too worn down from years of untreated autoimmune disease and anemia. She left for the Rainbow Bridge knowing she mattered and she was loved.
Harley D 
Harley D is a middle aged field boy that was rescued in Arizona. This boy had a really rough life before rescue, living mostly outside, never vetted. He is being adopted by his foster family in the Phoenix, AZ area and will have SWESR Beau as his new 

Jaxson - Adoption Pending
Six year old Jaxson found his way to rescue because his family was moving across the country and could not take him with them. This lucky boy is being adopted by his foster family in San Antonio and joins SWESR Colt and ES Sage.

Five year old Major is one of the luckiest boys around. This sweet boy is being adopted by his incredible foster parents and joins SWESR Chief and ES Pippa in 
Bemidji, MN. Adoption jackpot!!
Kuper (now Cooper)
Adoption Pending
Kuper is a 2.5 year old chestnut tri youngster who is being adopted by his long term foster family near Austin, TX including SWESR Charlie.  

Three and a half year old Josie first lived at a hunting ranch in OK. This busy, sweet, snuggle bunny will be joining her new family in Norman, OK. She will enjoy playing in the large yard with her "fur-sister" Hope.
Merlin is a 4 year young orange boy that was rescued from a backyard breeder in North Texas. This happy boy will be heading to Olathe, KS to join his new family and ES Maggie. He will enjoy a large backyard and daily hikes or runs.
Kai is a handsome, blind 6 year old tri-color male. He is good with other dogs, loves being near his people, and rides great in the car. This handsome boy will join his new parents and ES Zoey in Urbandale, IA.
Three year old Bo was rescued in NM because he didn't hunt as expected.  Lucky boy is heading to his forever family soon.  They have homes in MN and AZ. The family is a perfect
 fit for him. 
Eleven year old Pepper is a beloved family member of one of SWESR's founders. He was rescued in the Strasburg CO seizure in Dec2015. As a SWESR boy he worked very hard to overcome his behavioral issues and he makes his Mom smile every day.
Sweet 11 year young Darby has found his forever home. He will join senior Setter Kate and his new parents in Raytown, MO.
Luna joins a busy home and family with another SWESR adopted Setter and a rescue Aussie. Let the fun times and games begin for this busy young girl.
Cally and Maddy​ - 
Adoption Pending
Cally and Maddy were rescued from a shelter in New Mexico. These sweet 9.5 year old girls are being adopted by their foster family in Carlsbad, CA.
Raz is a 4 1/2 year old boy and things are finally looking up for him. This lucky boy is joining his new mom and "fur-sister" Maggie 
in Las Vegas, NV.

Jet is a 12 year young handsome tri boy. He is 
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Jet is kicking back and enjoying his life in the Texas Hill country along with his SWESR brother Matt as a SWESR Furever Foster. 
Cute little Navy is about 2 years old and is being adopted by her foster family and SWESR Pinto in Ventura, CA.
Oliver - Adoption Pending
Sweet Oliver is 8 years young and a smaller Setter boy at about 44 lbs. He is a youngster at heart, playful, and enjoys toys. This sweet boy is being adopted by his foster family near 
San Antonio, TX.
Lacey is a 5 year old Chestnut beauty.  
This sweet girl joins her Setter experienced family in Jemez Springs, NM.
Riley​ - Adoption Pending
Riley is a beautiful bench girl that is almost 2 years old. This beauty is being adopted by her foster family in Walnut Creek, CA. Lucky girl to have SWESR Ranger as her "fur-brother"!
Luke was rescued from a Brownwood, TX shelter and is about 8 years young. This handsome tri boy is heading to Argyle, TX to join his new parents and IS Bailey.
Two year old Schroeder joins SWESR Mac in an active and Setter savvy family in San Marcos, TX. There will be lots of fun adventures ahead for this lucky boy!
Maya (Now Lady Bird)
Maya is a sweet 1 year old small girl. This sweetheart joins SWESR Franklin and "fur-brother" Lincoln in Austin, TX where she will enjoy playing with Franklin and Lincoln and hiking and running with her active parents.
Ten year young Shug had been diagnosed with a fungal infection called Blastomycosis. Sadly Shug lost her battle with this disease. Her foster Mom and Setter family were with her, holding and comforting her. Rest well dear girl, you are always in our hearts.
Neptune (Now Tuna) 
Eight month old Neptune joins his new family including SWESR Tadpole and Minnow in Charles Town, WV. He will enjoy going for daily walks and many other activities with this active family.
Jak - Adoption Pending
Cute, sweet little 1 year old Jak is being adopted by his foster parents near Austin, TX. He will have ES Katie as a great big sister to give him confidence and support.
Handsome 10 year young Gus is heading to his new home near Atlanta, GA. Lucky boy will have an ES sister Chigger and enjoy hiking at his summer home in the beautiful mountains of Western NC.
Ella- Adoption Pending
Ella is 2 years old and weighs 60 lbs. Her owner could no longer care for her, so she ended up in a SoCal shelter.  This lucky girl has found her "furever" home with her foster mom in SoCal.
Handsome Lincoln will join his new family and ES Chauncey near Denver, CO. This lucky boy will enjoy a nice backyard, going to the nearby dog park, and long walks with his family.
 Sadie came from the Strasburg CO seizure via the Boulder County Humane Society. Sadie is a gorgeous dark liver color Munsterlander and is estimated around 10 years old. She joins her retired dad near Grand Junction, CO where she will enjoy daily walks with her new dad and other friends.
Jupiter (now Chauncy)
Adoption Pending
Jupiter was rescued with his brother Neptune from a UT shelter. His previous owner didn't have the time and experience for this 8 month old busy Setter boy. Jupiter is being adopted by his foster family in Salt Lake City, UT.
Roux is 7 months old and was rescued from an OK shelter. She is a happy go lucky puppy who will join her Setter experienced parents in Longmont, CO.
Griffin is approximately 6 years young and was rescued from a small shelter in Central TX. He will be joining his new parents and "fur-brother" Strider near Phoenix, AZ where he will enjoy a nice yard, walks and hiking.
Eleven year young Ryder was rescued from a N TX shelter with skin and ear issues. He will be joining his new dad near Dallas, TX. Ryder will enjoy a nice yard and going everywhere with his dad.
Bogie - Adoption Pending 
Sweet 2 year old Bogie is very happy that his foster family has decided to adopt him. This sweetie is loving life in Salt Lake City, UT with his family including SWESR Milo and ES Louie.
Cecil is about 4 years old. This lucky boy has found his forever home with his foster family and SWESR Hank Williams in 
Sierra Vista, AZ.
Graham - Adoption Pending
Graham led a good Samaritan to a brush fire and then vanished and next showed up at a rural N TX shelter. This 7 year old hero is being adopted by his foster family in Round Rock, TX.  He will be joining SWESR Furever Foster Fred who is blind.

Tillie- Adoption Pending 
Seven year old Tillie will be heading to her new home and family in Arizona. This sweet girl will enjoy daily walks and her parents might even buy an RV for her!
Boudreaux (now Ralphie)
Boudreaux is welcoming the New Year in his new home in Austin, TX. His new 
"fur-brother" and parents enjoy daily walks which Boudreaux loves.
​Lars (now Bo) -
 Adoption Pending
Two year old Lars was rescued from a small shelter in Central TX along with Griffin. Lars is being adopted by his foster family and SWESR Roux in Longmont, CO.
Girl # 1 (now Birdie) 
Sweet Birdie will be heading to Fayetteville, AR as soon as she is 8 weeks old. She will join her new family including a fur-sister Pearl. Lots of walks and playing in the yard are in this girl's future.

Boy # 1 (now Leo) 
Adorable puppy Leo will be heading to Bakersfield, CA as soon as he is 8 weeks old. He will join his Setter experienced family which includes 2 young boys. There will be lots of fun times for this family!

Girl # 2 (now Scout) 
Precious Scout will be joining her Setter experienced family in Reno, NV. She will enjoy a nice backyard, daily walks and plenty of hikes with her new family. 

Bear - Adoption Pending
Bear is a sweet, 2-4 year old tri-color male. He is being adopted by his foster family in Oklahoma City, OK. Bear will enjoy a large yard and daily walks and hikes with his family.

Ripley Rose 
​Ripley Rose is a high energy, 2 1/2 year old beautiful Chestnut girl. This very lucky girl will be joining her new family and SWESR puppy Leo in Bakersfield, CA.
Boy # 3 (now Winston) 
This adorable boy will be joining his new family including SWESR Oliver in Norman, OK. He will get to play in the large backyard and go on long walks with his active family. 

Ivan - Adoption Pending
Handsome 8 year old Ivan joins his foster-to-adopt family in Henderson, NV. He will enjoy playing in the yard and long walks with his new brother SWESR Jack and sister SWESR Ruby. 
Valentino (now Cooper)
Valentino is a happy, healthy puppy who has a heart shaped patch on his side. He will be heading to his new home in Dallas, TX just after Valentines Day. Besides going to the parks and walks with his family, he'll enjoy their second home on the river in New Braunfels, TX.
Tucker was an energetic  9-year young, 45-50 lb Purebred Field English Setter whose elderly owner passed away. He was being fostered by a family member. Run free, sweet boy.
SWESR was contacted about a senior emaciated ES boy. A volunteer sprung him from the shelter and took him immediately to his Vet. The Vet staff spoiled him with canned food and pill pockets while they ran tests and took x-rays. Half of his abdomen was filled with a tumor and bloodwork indicated liver cancer. After speaking with the vet it was clear helping him to the rainbow bridge was the most loving gift we could give to him. A SWESR volunteer brought him 2 cheeseburgers, cuddled on the floor on blankets the staff laid out for her, and told him how happy we were to have him in our SWESR family as he left his sick body.