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This page includes pictures of some of our dogs that have been Adopted and those that are Adoption Pending (the adoption is not yet finalized or the dog has not yet transported to the adopting home). Additional pages of adopted dogs can be found by clicking herehereherehereherehere, and here.
Adopted Dogs
Bogie - Adoption Pending 
Sweet 2 year old Bogie is very happy that his foster family has decided to adopt him. This sweetie is loving life in Salt Lake City, UT with his family including SWESR Milo and ES Louie.
Seven year old Tillie will be heading to her new home and family in Arizona. This sweet girl will enjoy daily walks and her parents might even buy an RV for her!
Boudreaux (now Ralphie)
Boudreaux is welcoming the New Year in his new home in Austin, TX. His new 
"fur-brother" and parents enjoy daily walks which Boudreaux loves.
​Lars (now Bo) 
Two year old Lars was rescued from a small shelter in Central TX along with Griffin. Lars is being adopted by his foster family and SWESR Roux in Longmont, CO.
Girl # 1 (now Birdie) 
Sweet Birdie will be heading to Fayetteville, AR as soon as she is 8 weeks old. She will join her new family including a fur-sister Pearl. Lots of walks and playing in the yard are in this girl's future.

Boy # 1 (now Leo) 
Adorable puppy Leo will be heading to Bakersfield, CA as soon as he is 8 weeks old. He will join his Setter experienced family which includes 2 young boys. There will be lots of fun times for this family!

Girl # 2 (now Scout) 
Precious Scout will be joining her Setter experienced family in Reno, NV. She will enjoy a nice backyard, daily walks and plenty of hikes with her new family. 

Bear is a sweet, 2-4 year old tri-color male. He is being adopted by his foster family in Oklahoma City, OK. Bear will enjoy a large yard and daily walks and hikes with his family.

Ripley Rose 
​Ripley Rose is a high energy, 2 1/2 year old beautiful Chestnut girl. This very lucky girl will be joining her new family and SWESR puppy Leo in Bakersfield, CA.
Boy # 3 (now Winston) 
This adorable boy will be joining his new family including SWESR Oliver in Norman, OK. He will get to play in the large backyard and go on long walks with his active family. 

Sabaka (now Kiska)
 Kiska is a 5-6 year old very sweet girl. SWESR was contacted to help her when she did not succeed as a hunting dog. She is being adopted by her foster family in Littleton, CO including ES Harper Lee and and ES Lucy.
Valentino (now Cooper)
Valentino is a happy, healthy puppy who has a heart shaped patch on his side. He will be heading to his new home in Dallas, TX just after Valentines Day. Besides going to the parks and walks with his family, he'll enjoy their second home on the river in New Braunfels, TX.
Tucker was an energetic  9-year young, 45-50 lb Purebred Field English Setter whose elderly owner passed away. He was being fostered by a family member. Run free, sweet boy.
Leo found his way to rescue when he was approximately 13. Deaf, mostly blind with arthritis, tumors and cognitive issues ~ he had obviously lived a rough life. He made it very clear to our Vet and team that he was ready to be released from his broken body. Leo the Brave is waiting for his rescuers at the Rainbow Bridge.

Handsome 8 year old Ivan joins his foster-to-adopt family in Henderson, NV. He will enjoy playing in the yard and long walks with his new brother SWESR Jack and sister SWESR Ruby. 
Orion came from a shelter emaciated and in bad shape. X-rays showed a large abdominal tumor and tests indicated liver cancer. Helping him to the rainbow bridge was the most loving gift we could give to him. A SWESR volunteer brought him cheeseburgers, cuddled with him and told him how happy we were to have him in our SWESR family as he left his sick body.

Sierra is a super sweet 2 year old tri color girl that was rescued from a shelter in UT. This lucky girl will be joining her Setter experienced family including ES Avery and SWESR Roux in Fort Collins, CO.
Hazel was diagnosed with advanced mammary cancer after she was brought into rescue. Her furever foster family feels like they hit the jackpot when given the opportunity to provide hospice care for this 13 yr old girl. Hazel exudes joy for life as she discovers furniture privileges, naps in her foster dad's arms, digs holes in the back yard, eats whatever she wants and hunts for lizards.

Sadie Mae 
Sadie Mae is a 2 year old very sweet girl who is being adopted by her San Antonio, TX foster family. She will have ES Maggie and Brittany Queenie as her playmates.

Cricket is a 3.5 year old bundle of Setter energy, fun and cuddles. This lucky girl is being adopted by her foster family in Georgetown, TX. She is enjoying playing in the yard with SWESR Olive and ES Norman.

Hayley is 5 years young and she was rescued from the shelter in El Paso. This Setter-sweet girl is being adopted by her foster family in Colorado Springs, CO. They took her through heartworm treatment and feel very lucky to have Hayley in their lives.

Ten year young Benny came to SWESR when his Mom could no longer care for him because of medical reasons. This lucky boy will be joining his Setter experienced parents in Northfield, VT.

Daisy May
Daisy May is a 10.5 year young Llewellin Setter. This lucky girl has found her SWESR Furever Foster home in Menifee, CA with her wonderful foster mom and SWESR Phoenix and Bella.
Mollie is a 7 year young chestnut tri-color beauty that wasn't wanted by her previous owners because she doesn't hunt. This beautiful girl is heading to her Setter experienced home in Lincoln, NE to join SWESR Elvis.
Summit is an 18 month old handsome boy that was a stray and rescued from a TX shelter. This well behaved boy will enjoy a nice yard to explore with his new "fur-sister" Luna in Colorado Springs, CO.
CD is SWESR's 400th dog to rescue! This 4 year old boy will be joining his ES experienced mom and fur-sister Lucy the Lab in Dallas, TX.
Little Honey was part of a pack of wild stray dogs running the streets near San Antonio. She has found her furever home in Marion, TX where she will have a nice fenced yard, a "fur-brother" and furniture privileges!
Grace is 6 years young and one of the sweetest and most gentle ES you will ever meet. This sweet girl is heading to an experienced Setter home in Dallas, TX.
Nine month old Poncho was surrendered when he flunked out of hunt training school. This handsome boy is being adopted by his foster mom and SWESR Copper near Dallas, TX.
Duke found his SWESR Furever Foster home with his Dad in New Mexico. The bond was instantaneous and he follows his Dad everywhere. He has some serious medical issues but is eating well and enjoying every day.

MacGyver (now MacDuff) - Adoption Pending 
MacGyver is a 2 year old sweetheart who retired early from hunting. This sweet boy is being adopted by his wonderful foster family and joins ES WIlly, Bessie and Miss MollyDolly in Tuscon, AZ.

Four month old sweet and sensitive Kingston was rescued in OKC and is now headed to his Setter experienced "furever" home in Vail, AZ. 
 Darcy (Now Willow)
Three month old Darcy was rescued in UT when her owner of 1 week contacted SWESR because he was allergic. She is ALL field ES pupster. Her new parents drove from WA to UT to get her, what a lucky little girl! 

 Eve - Adoption Pending
Sweet 9 month old, 35 lb Eve​ is being adopted by her foster family. She will be splitting her time between her home in Ft Worth, TX and her home in New Orleans, LA. Fun times ahead for this lucky girl!

Dakota (now Phoebe)
Dakota is an 8 year young stunning tri girl. She came to SWESR when her family moved. Dakota will be heading to her ES experienced family and ES Wembley in Belleville, IL.
Shelly - Adoption Pending
Four year old ​Shelly was pulled from a shelter in E. Texas, very pregnant and likely neglected or on her own for quite some time. She gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies, all adopted. Now Shelly has found her furever home with her wonderful parents and SWESR Nellie in Allen, TX. Lucky girl!

Foster (now Rupert) - 
Adoption Pending
Foster is about 3 years young and was rescued from a NorCal shelter. He is being adopted by his foster family.
Ginny (now Ginger) - 
Adoption Pending 
Sweet Ginny is about 5 years young and is being adopted by her ES experienced foster family in Edmond, OK. Lucky girl!
Lincoln - Adoption Pending 
Handsome 5 year old Lincoln will be heading to his "furever" home near Houston, TX where he will join his stay at home mom and ES Alex.