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This page includes pictures of the additional dogs that have been Adopted. Additional pages of adopted dogs can be found by clicking here, and here.
More Adopted Dogs

​Archie is a sweet, sweet 8 year old male. His Setter-experienced forever family in S. Texas lives on 5 fenced acres with horses and a young female mini dachshund named McKenzie. We know he will be a treasured addition to this wonderful family. 
Trey (now Hank) 
Hank found his home with the well known client of his vet foster mom - we're so happy that he will stay close to her. Trey joins a 5 year old female Golden Retriever named Ella and her family in Plano, TX. Lucky boy also will enjoy a home in CO with a lot of property for him to explore.
8-week old Harriett found her home with a Chicago, IL area family. She will have a great big brother and playmate with an 
8 year old English Setter named Winston. She will love the leash walks in the woods behind her house, a lake nearby to swim and four very large dog parks in the vicinity.  
Sassy is a very timid, gentle and sweet 5 year old Setter mix girl who loves belly rubs. We are thrilled that she has found her forever home with her foster family in Flower Mound, TX which includes 3 boys, a pug named Felix and a great Dane mix named Portia.
​Gus is a handsome 4 year old King Llewellin. He had been an outside dog. He found his forever home with his foster dad in Houston, TX who taught him the joys of being an inside dog.  They are great buddies and Gus is like his shadow.
Guinness is a 10 week old male puppy.  He was adopted by a couple near Ft. Worth, TX. He will enjoy a stay-at-home dad, and he joins Mavis, a 9 year old female Gordon Setter.  Guinness has a great life ahead of him. 
2 year old Rhett found his forever family in Irving, TX and joins "Lyla", a 4 year old mini Aussie/Sheperd mix. His new red ball is a favorite toy to play catch with. He loves walks around the neighborhood duck pond and is anxious to chase the ducks! 
Becket, now "Beck" is 1-1/2 years old.  He found his forever home with this foster-to-adopt family in Sacramento, CA. Beck will enjoy frequent runs with his mom, family and dog friends nearby and maybe bird hunts with his dad if he enjoys it.
Clancy & Annabelle
Beautiful 4 year old Daisy (now named Annabelle) found her forever home near Las Vegas, NV along with Clancy, one of her pups (born 1/14/14). We know they will enjoy lots of attention from their stay-at-home parents and love their large fenced yard, kiddy pool and the dog park nearby.
12 month old Parker has found his home with a family in in CA. We know he’ll enjoy the dog door to his yard and his new buddies - a Setter named Dapple and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Sir Chauncey".
Beautiful 4 year old Anne has been rescued from a UT shelter and found her home with her foster to adopt mom in Salt Lake City. She is keeping her mom on her toes and enjoying her yard. 

​Hank (approx 8 years old) has been adopted to to a wonderful home in Northfield, VT ​where he already has his new Mom wrapped around his paw and catering to his every whim. What a wonderful life for a stray dog from OK.

5 year old Matt has found his forever home with his foster family near Austin, TX.  He has really bonded with his foster parents and they have helped him come so far since he was rescued.  Matt says "Everybody loves me and I love everybody".
​ 4 year old Tillie has found her forever home in Wichita KS and will join Charlie, a 5 year old English Setter, a stay at home mom and three active children. Tillie will truly be part of a family and enjoy hugs, kisses and snuggles.
Fiona (now Elly Mae)
6 year old Elly Mae's new dad met her at the vet clinic on the day she was incoming to SWESR and it was love at first sight.  He said “she’s a keeper for sure. Very comfortable sitting on the couch with everyone. Kids are more than happy she’s here.”
​Romeo has some medical and behavioral issues that made him a perfect match for our furever foster program and he truly loves his Furever Foster Mom and fur sisters in Crawford, TX 
Kody is a stunning 3 year young tri color boy. He has found his forever home with his foster mom near Oklahoma City. She will continue his training to help him feel safe and treasured as an indoor family member.  
Charlotte (Courtesy Post) is a beautiful 11-year-old girl who needed a new home after her elderly parent died. She found her forever home with a Setter experienced couple in OK where she will be much loved. We are so happy for Charlotte.
Scout is a friendly 9 month old male.  He has found his forever family in southern CA. He will enjoy a dog door and a yard with fruit trees, bushes and a lot of birds and squirrels. We know he'll love his daily walks. He is a lucky boy!  
Bridgett (now Barley)
Barley joined an active family with 2 other dogs in Asheville, NC.  She will enjoy hiking, camping, boating and daily family walks. She lives in a very dog friendly town and will have fun going to the dog bakery, restaurants and shops with the other dogs. 
Abby is a gorgeous 2-3 year old tri-color, and was mom to 4 beautiful SWESR puppies. She has found her forever home in the TX hill country with 6-year old Callie, a SWESR setter rescue, and Rhea, a 5-year old border collie mix. Abby's mom says "dogs are a gift from heaven", and we agree!
Annabel is an 8 year old female who found her forever home with her foster mom in Spring Branch, TX (near Austin). Annabel will enjoy the company of other dogs, a retired mom and a fully fenced backyard that is over one acre. We are very happy for her!

Buddy is an energetic and handsome 2-year old. He has found his forever home in Plano, TX with a retired couple who enjoy taking him on daily walks and to the local dog park.  Buddy will also enjoy a summer home in MA where he will run on the beaches and in the salt marshes. What great fun!
Jameson is a 10 week old male puppy.  He was adopted by a family in WV and flew home from TX as a 'carry-on' with his new Mom.  We hear that he is already strutting around his new home like he owns the place. His new Dad loves him, and so do all his furry brothers and sisters!
​7 year old Liberty ("Libby") spent most of her former life on a chain. Her foster family in Royce City, TX is adopting her. She now spends her days running her big fenced yard looking for birds and squirrels with Joe, a 5 year old Setter. We know she enjoys the couch in the evening with two young boys.
​7 year old Bella was surrendered by her owner. Lucky for Bella, she is now living in southern CA with her veterinarian mom who works part time, and joins Indy, an 8 year old English Setter. They get lots of exercise at the park down the street and nearby dog park.
Liam is a 10 week old male puppy.  He was adopted by a family near San Antonio, TX. He joins Hawkeye, a 10 month old male Brittany Spaniel, two cats, two young boys and a stay at home mom. We know he'll enjoy lots of company, a large yard and a dog friendly neighborhood.
Rosie is approx. 4 years old, energetic, attentive, loving and a confirmed lap dog. She found her forever home with her foster-to-adopt young active family in Frisco, TX. She is doing 'awesome' and everyone fell in love with her.   

Paddy (now Corona) 
Corona is an 11 week old female beauty. She found her forever home with a young couple in Flower Mound,TX.  She joins Shiner, a 3 year old English Setter. We know they will be best friends. She will enjoy work-from-home parents, an interesting yard for 'hunting' and a pool with a beach. 

Wilson/Willie, now "Parker" is approx. 7 years old and is a velcro dog that wants to be near his people as much as possible.  He found his forever home with his foster-to-adopt parents in Houston, TX.  He looks great and is loved.

Jessie is a 6-1/2 year old male English Setter. He is a well trained hunting dog. He has been selected for adoption by a very experienced game dog owner and trainer in southern CA.

Diego (now Drifter)
2-1/2 year old Drifter was rescued from a hunting ranch in S. Texas along with several other English Setters.  He found his forever home with his foster-to-adopt home in Durango, CO. He is not at all birdy, instead he loves shadows and butterflies and his family loves him.
3 year old Freckles found his forever home and a hiking/walking buddy with his foster mom near Phoenix, AZ. He will enjoy lots of attention and a large fenced yard with lots of lizards to hunt. 

Milo found his forever family in a nice dog friendly neighborhood in Salt Lake City and joins Louie, a one year old English Setter. We know he will love having an active family and going along on hikes and hunting in the fields. 

Buddy, along with 4 other English Setters were rescued from a hunting ranch in S. Texas. Buddy is 5 yrs old, and found his forever home with his foster home in Altus, OK. What a lucky boy!

Tango, a 7 month old ‘wild and crazy guy’ has found his forever home with a wonderful family near Dallas, TX. We know he will love his 1/2 acre wooded fenced backyard and his new pals; Ruby a GSP and June, a young Brittany.

Cole in CA
​8 or 9 year old Cole was rescued from a shelter and found his forever home with his foster dad in La Quinta, CA.  He joins recently adopted SWESR Sara and we know they will love their daily walks together.

​Benny is a 5 year old rescued from an OK shelter and found his forever home with his foster family in Tulsa.  We think he is very lucky to join his Shepherd and Setter 'sisters'. He know he enjoys a large fenced yard and a baby pool.

​Patch was approx. 6 years old and he came to rescue with advanced heartworm disease.  Patch found a loving home with his foster mom in Rocky, OK.  

​Sully is a 2 year old Brittany Spaniel, rescued from a shelter in  UT.  He has been adopted by a family in Conifer, CO with two other Brittany Spaniels. They do a lot of hiking and camping that always include the dogs. We are so happy for Sully.
​Ellie is a lovely black and white girl, about 7 years old. She was a stray in OK and has found her forever home on Vancouver Island, Canada. She joins SWESR Beau on all his adventures and will have a wonderful life.  
 2-1/2 year old Spring has been adopted by a couple in Houston, TX and will join SWESR's "Audrey" (now Gracie May).  We bet she'll enjoy floating on rafts in the pool with Gracie and going on car rides with her new mom.
 Rusty is a 3-legged Setter, approx. 3 to 4 years old. He is living life to the fullest and loves being outdoors.  He and his new parents are moving to WA state and he will enjoy a home with a fenced-in acre with his new friend Woody, a 4 year old Shetland Sheep Dog.

​2 year old Apollo has found his forever home in a wonderful Setter experienced home Wichita, KS. He will enjoy lots of attention from his work from home mom and dog-door access to his secure yard.
​4 year old Stanley will be well loved and the center of attention to his new mom in Charlotte, NC. They will go for walks in the park or through the neighborhoods and visit family in the Asheville and enjoy the mountains.
​5 year old Willow has found her forever home in Houston, TX. Her new mom works from home several days a week and Willow will enjoy lots of room to play and run in the dog parks in their community. 
​3 year old Sam found his furever best friend in Austin, TX. His new dad is Setter experienced and often works from home. They will enjoy lots of together time.  We are so happy for Sam!
Caesar is a 15.5 year old "sweet gentle soul". He loves people and other dogs. He is also very good with kids and has perfect house manners. Caesar has found his Furever Foster home near Austin, TX.  

Colin is a 10 year old who was rescued from a north TX shelter. He loves his Salt Lake City Furever Foster home, there’s deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots and lots of birds. Colin is much changed from the half-starved, sick little guy that came to rescue.
Ana was a sweet 13 year old girl. She loved to be with and near her friends and family (2 legged and 4 legged).She loved taking walks and then napping on the couch. Ana was much loved by her foster family.

4 year old Toby was rescued from rural OK. He has been adopted by a couple in El Paso, TX. He joins Arthur, a senior beagle/basset mix and will enjoy an interesting yard, daily walks, camping, car rides, lots of love and lots of people time. 
​Phoebe is an adorable 3 year old that was rescued from a KS shelter.  Phoebe will enjoy a work from home mom with a backyard that has a small pond and shady areas.  She will live in the small, dog-friendly coastal town of Ventura, CA in a very quiet neighborhood.  What a lucky girl! 
Sadie & Beau
​Sadie and Beau are both 4 years old. They were surrendered by their owner because he felt that they would be happier in a home with more room to run and play together. We are so pleased at they are staying together in their foster-to-adopt home in Texas with acreage for them to enjoy. Their new home perfectly matches the ideal conditions their owners had in mind for them.  
2-3 yr old Bandit was rescued from a hunting ranch in S. Texas. His forever home in Phoenix, AZ will have a pool to swim in and an Irish Setter sister, Keira. He is looking forward to going for walks and camping trips with his new family. 
22 month old Oliver is affectionate, loves cuddles and his people. He has found his forever home with a family in Norman, OK and joins their current English Setter Max who loves to run around and chase birds in their grassy and shaded yard. ​
​Maggie is a 4 year old petite female. She was found as a stray in OK. She is an amazing submissive, soft girl. She is a very lucky girl to find her adoptive home in Richmond TX.She will enjoy a work from home mom, a 1.7 acre lot with a fenced in back yard and pool.
Eleven year old Shotzie has some personality and behavioral issues that made him a good candidate for the Furever Foster program. He found his Furever Foster home in the Texas Hill Country with one of SWESR’s founders.
​Ten year old Chance has Progressive Retina Atrophy (PRA) and is going blind. He is very comfortable and settled in his Furever Foster home in the Austin TX area.
Zeke (now Wellington) 
​Wellington is 5 years old, very friendly 60+ lb. boy who is beautiful inside and out! He has found his forever home in Hillsborough, CA. He will join his mom and a pug named Percy on long daily walks and be able to run in the fenced yard and visit the nearby park.

 Travis is a beautiful 7 year boy.He was unclaimed in a north Texas shelter and has been selected for adoption by his foster-to-adopt family in Oklahoma City.  He will enjoy a doggie door to his shaded backyard.
​2 year old Stoli has found his forever home with his foster family in Oklahoma City.  The young couple offered to foster Stoli when he was found in an OK Shelter and discovered he was just a perfect fit with their young Setter named Penny.  He will get lots of love and play time.  Lucky boy!!
Dani came to SWESR as an owner release. This cute girl is 5 years old and VERY sweet!  She has been selected for adoption by a family in NM who live in a semi rural community. She will enjoy walks and runs every day as well as a 1 acre fenced yard.
Sarah (now Freckles) 
​ Sarah was a found stray and was rescued from a Los Angeles area shelter. She is a very cute, sweet, 11-month old female English Setter/Cocker Spaniel mix. She found her home with a Setter-experienced retired couple in Mission Viejo, CA. She will enjoy lots of attention and a doggie door to her fenced yard.
​2-1/2 year old Sugar has been living in a loving home since 2013, but needed to return to SWESR because her family was moving to Alaska. Lucky for Sugar, she found her new home with a couple in Houston who are good friends of SWESR.  She will enjoy a retired dad, a 3 yr old Chihuahua named Zoey and a nearby dog park.
​1 year old Charlie has been adopted by a Setter experienced retired couple in Paso Robles, CA. He will join their 7 year old female English Setter Star running in their large fenced yard. enjoying cuddles on the couch  and playing with the grandchildren.
​Sadie is a beautiful tri-color spayed female, approximately 2 years old with boundless energy.   She has found her forever home with a family in Wheat Ridge, CO. Her new dad is an avid runner and Sadie should be a wonderful partner.
​Baylor is a typical goofy 2-1/2 year old. He most likely lived his prior life in a kennel run, so everything is new and exciting to him.  He found his forever home in Austin, TX with a young family. He will enjoy daily runs with his stay-at-home mom and  we know he'll love sharing the couch with the family at night.
Jake is 5 years old and is tall, lean and leggy and very sweet.  Lucky boy found his forever home in Boulder, CO.  He'll enjoy his doggy-door, fenced yard and lots of time with his new dad.
Mac was rescued from a hunting ranch. He is a 1-1/2 to 2 year young Point-Setter (1/2 English Setter, 1/2 English Pointer). He is 50 pounds and VERY sweet. He found his home with his foster-to-adopt family in San Marcos, TX.  What a beautiful and lucky boy. 

Clyde is a handsome 2 year old, surrendered because he would not hunt.  Clyde is happy that he found his home with his Dallas area foster family.  He joins young SWESR Setter "Tex" running  and playing in the yard all day long. 
Gretchen (now Charlotte)
Charlotte is a pretty 2-3 yr old puppy. She is happy all the time and is always busy looking for entertainment.  She was adopted by a setter-experienced home in Bakersfield, CA and is getting Doggy Obedience classes as one of her Christmas gifts.
Hank Williams
Hank W. is 3 years old and a big boy at 65 lbs. His original owner passed away. He has been adopted by a family in AZ and joins two English Setters Opey and Emmett for lots of fun and lots of space to play!​
1 year old Rocket was surrendered by his first owner because he thought he would not be a good hunting dog. Now Rocket has a retired dad all to himself in Denver, CO and is home for good.