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This page includes pictures of the additional dogs that have been Adopted.
More Adopted Dogs

She is approx. 3-1/2 years old with beautiful coloring and was adopted by her foster mom in Grand Junction, CO. She is a "Sweet, sweet little girl with LOTS of energy". Here is a video of her playing.

Bailey (now Cali)
3-1/2 year old Cali is being adopted by her foster home in Carlsbad, CA. Cali had been an owner-surrender. We are so grateful that Cali found her way to rescue and Lisa, SWESR's wonderful foster mom.

Three year old Fionn (pictured far right) is a gentle, beautiful, snuggly boy. His forever home has acreage in a rural area near Colorado Springs where we know Fionn will enjoy his housemates and smelling all kinds of wild life. 

Dexter, approx 2 yrs old,  has been adopted by his foster family in Rancho Mirage, CA.  He joins 2 English Setters (Max and Kasey)  and 2 Golden Retrievers (Abby and Jackie).  He will enjoy a yard with tall fencing (he needed this to stay safe) and a doggie door. 
Jax is an 8 month old ES mix from the Waco shelter. He was SWESR's first rescue and first adoption.  We see lots of love in this picture with his new mom Becca.

Spy is a 4 year old English Setter who came to SWESR as an owner surrender in TX.  He has been adopted by a wonderful family in OK with 3 kids and a companion dog for him to enjoy. 
What a lucky family (and a lucky Setter).
Cookie's forever family lives in Canada.  Her mom shared a video of Cookie playing in the yard with her new buddy Angus.  "We are so amazed at how well she fits in here with our family! Can't believe she hasn't always been a part of our home and family."
Cami (now Callie)
Callie is a petite girl, approx. 6 years old. Callie has been adopted to a family in the Texas Hill Country and will enjoy her newly retired parents, daily 2-3 mile long walks and acreage to run and play. Here is Callie and her new 'sistas'. 
Sally (now Fly)
Fly is a 4 year old beauty. She has been adopted to a wonderful home in Austin. She enjoys the squirrels in her yard and senior lab at home named Gracie.  We're told she was said to be "brilliant" at her dog training class.
Buddy flew to his new home in AZ.  His dad reports "Buddy seems to be very happy. In and out the doggie door all day long, then has to take a nap. He is eating good and his tail is wagging all the time. He is perfect."
Brady found his new home in north Texas with a young couple and a lovely orange female Setter named Charlotte. We're looking forward to hearing about all their fun together. 

1 year old female. Tess found her forever home and now has a "fur-brother", kids to play with and owners that love her very much. Oh and she loves her HUGE back yard! Tess lives in Oklahoma City.
Chica (now Molly)
Lovely 1 year old Molly is now home with her family in TN and has a Brittany Spaniel brother named Brewer as a companion. We hear she learned their routines in just a few days and fits right in. And she has even taught Brewer some manners!

Rico (now Tex)
Rico puppy was adopted to a family near Ft. Worth, TX. Mom reports Tex fits right in with our family. He plays like crazy with the kids, enjoys walks and is getting along with our senior dogs. Everyone who has met him just adores his laid-back, yet fun personality.

Rocket puppy was adopted by his foster family in Frisco, TX. His big sister enjoys exploring with him at the pond - look at the duck eggs they found!
Kee is now home with her new family in CO. We love this picture of the first meeting between Kee and her new Mom.  Kisses and joy!  
Ranger will enjoy lots of hiking in northern California and also at the family's second home near Jackson, WY. Sounds like heaven for a very lucky Setter! 

Bryce (now Oliver, Ollie)
18 month old male Bryce is now home with his forever family in Austin, TX.  His new mom reports on the first day: "He is doing great - he went on a walk, played outside, now cuddling on Chuck's lap.  We love him.
We are thrilled to learn that Blue's foster family in CO wished to adopt Blue. He is a 7 year old Setter who will enjoy lots of fresh air, exercise and long walks every day with retired parents who have lots of time and energy to give to him.
Lucky (now Charlie)
Lucky's foster mom in Austin, TX adopted him and his new name is Charlie. We hear that he is very smart, learning lots of new commands and he is incredibly gentle. 
Watson is a 10 month old tri-color English Setter. He has been adopted by an active couple in Idaho who really enjoy the outdoors - and we know Watson will too! Watson sure looks loved in this picture with his dad. 
Gigi (now Annie)
Six month old Gigi/Annie was adopted by a young couple in Houston. She joins a young athletic mix breed dog named Benjy in the home. Update - Gigi has grown into a beauty and looks so happy and loved. 
One year old Dalton has been adopted by his Dallas area foster family. He joins 3 Irish Setter sisters who he adores. We know he enjoys hunting squirrels in his big yard and cooling off in his pool.  He is such a character and his family loves him.

Copper (now Zephyr)
Zephyr's new mom in WA reports: Zephryus was the Greek god of the west wind known as the bringer of the light spring and summer breezes. Although Copper was a good name, he runs like the wind and came to us in the spring and brought happy breezes into our lives.
Rocco (pictured on the right) has found his forever home in CO. He will enjoy a home with acreage, a loving family and a a 10 year old female English Setter named Isabelle. He has become a 'lap dog' with his new parents. We are so happy for Rocco.
Polly (now Bessie)
Polly is a purebred Gordon Setter puppy, approx 4 months old. She was selected for adoption by a wonderful family in AZ, where she joins three resident male English Setters named Charles, William and Harry!

Piper is a purebred Gordon Setter puppy. She has found her forever home with an experienced Gordon Setter home near Austin, TX. She will enjoy long evening walks and a large wooded lot. She may get to try rally, agility and therapy dog training if it suits her personality.
Aspen (now Trio)
Aspen has been adopted by a previous SWESR adopter in WA and joins an English Setter brother named Zephyr in a wonderful home. She was named trio because she is a tri-color and the family's third Setter!
Ayla (now Hannah)
Ayla has been renamed Hannah and is enjoying a good life with her family in AZ. She has a young English Setter brother named Tucker that keeps her busy.  She gets to enjoy a dog park every day early morning and goes for a long walk every evening. 
Shiner flew home to his new family in UT. We hear he LOVES the snow. His home is with an active young family who live in a mountain setting. They live near 3 ski resorts, lakes and a lot of open space. What a lucky boy! 
Sophie is a remarkable 8 year old blind girl. She was adopted by her SWESR 'Furever Foster' family in Plano, TX.  Sophie gets along great with their other Setters and amazes her family daily with her resilience and navigation skills.
Wendell is a handsome 8 month old who was adopted by his foster family in Denver, CO. He fits in perfectly with their family and their Gordon Setter, Irish Setter and a Papillon. We know he is a very lucky boy.
Amos (now Shiner) 
Amos has been renamed Shiner (his littermate is also named Shiner).  He is living the good life in the TX hill country. His family recently adopted a Pointer sister named Molly that he adores and plays with non-stop.
Tiff has been adopted by a family in Tucson AZ and joins a 16 month old English Setter named Rhuni. Tiff is a birdy girl and she'll get to chase lots of doves and quail and little lizards in her new yard. 
Dolly was rescued in Oct 2012 from the Edmond OK shelter where she came in as a stray in a horribly neglected state. She was emaciated and deaf when rescued.
She was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor in Nov. 2013. Vets confirmed it had spread and recommended palliative care.
She passed away 30-May-2014. Her foster parents nursed her back to health and offered to FF when she was dx’d with cancer. She was a beloved member of their family and she knew it.

Sage (pictured in the middle) is a 6 year old male who was fostered and then adopted to a family near Colorado Springs with SWESR Fionn (pictured right). The boys will no doubt enjoy retired parents, Bella (Golden Retriever) and 70 acres in the mountains. 
Cameron (now Athos)
Cameron is a 4 to 6 year old male that was rescued in AL, fostered in TX and is now lucky enough to be adopted to a wonderful Setter experienced home in Maine. He joins a 9 year old chocolate Lab named India in his new family.
Shay (now Misty)
Shay will live with 3 other dogs and an active family in Maine that loves to hike together. She will continue to learn more signs and hand signals so that her silent world will continue to expand. 
Bandit is an almost 2 year old male who loves to play fetch and gets along great with a young Airedale in his Ogden, UT foster-to-adopt home.  They have decided Bandit is a great fit and he is home.
Copper puppy has been adopted by his foster family in Arlington, TX (near Ft. Worth).  He joins two senior English Setters named Sassy and Baron in the home.  
Dixie is a 9 month old female who was adopted by her foster family in McKinney, TX (near Dallas, TX). She'll get to spend lots of time with her retired mom. 

Emmett was surrendered to rescue from a central TX hunting ranch. He is approx 7 years old. He has joined a Setter-loving retired couple in Tucson, AZ and will enjoy the good life from now on.
Maddy is approx. 6-7 years old and is a petite girl at 31lbs. She has a delicate and precise gait with her head high. She has been adopted to a family in Arlington, TX and will join Bam-Bam, a Chihuahua mix and two cats.

Valerie is 18 months old and had spent her life outside in a kennel before she was rescued. She is a timid girl and has made wonderful progress as part of a family. She joins a family in San Antonio TX with a 4 year old Setter Te'a, and a cat named Cloe.   
Veronica (now Ani)
Ani loves everyone she meets, dogs and people! She loves to be an inside dog! She has  joined SWESR's "Buddy" and his wonderful parents in AZ. We know she will never have another worry in her life.
Zoe's new family in east TX includes a young Border Collie mix named Molly and young active parents that plan to take her hiking and obedience/agility training.  Such a happy ending for Zoe.
Rosie will have a great life in KS with her new family which includes Britney and Boston buddies and a large yard with lots of trees.  We know that Rosie will be spoiled and loved.