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Eve is fifteen months old and is wondering if you are the Setter experienced person she is looking for to take her from being a kennel dog the first nine months of her life to being a beloved family member for the rest of her life. 

Eve was with a hunting operation until she was stung on the paw in the field and decided pointing was not for her. Her owners decided the best thing was to release her to SWESR to find a non-hunting family/home environment for this little 35 lb pocket Setter. 

Eve can be timid in new situations but when she is comfortable she is very vibrant and energetic. She is in her element in nature, if given the opportunity she would self-exercise and patrol for hours so a medium-large, secure and stimulating yard with a physical fence is a must for this girl.
She gladly goes to her crate when asked and is well behaved. She only barks or scratches to come out when she sees activity around her and she is ready to go outside or eat. After a busy time of running/exercising she enjoys spending time in her foster Dad’s office and sprawling out on her dog bed. She is still at the phase of needing to be watched and supervised when she is loose in the house. 

Eve is looking for a predictable, patient and very secure Setter experienced home where she can learn how to navigate her new world. She is good with other dogs and a stable resident dog that can run and mostly keep up with her would be best for Eve. Meeting new dogs and developing her doggy social skills will be good for Eve. 

Eve has a VERY, VERY, VERY strong prey drive and will take any opportunity given to go for a run about. Therefore, she needs a very secure home where doors and gates are always kept closed and locked and there is never an opportunity to bolt out. With her strong escape drive, she is not a candidate for a home with younger kids where doors or gates are not quickly closed or may be accidentally left open. She has not lived with cats and we think with her strong prey drive she likely isn’t a candidate for a home with cats. 

Eve is equally good with women and men. She is very high energy and loves walks. She would be a good running buddy as long as her walking/running partner uses the right collars and techniques to make sure she doesn’t get away from them. If she gets away, she’ll be off in a flash and will not come back, it’s in her Setter DNA. Safety and security are a big priority for Eve and her furever family. When Eve goes into bird dog mode, that is more important than people. She is driven and has low/no attention span for her handler when stimulated outside. Time and patience should lessen this intensity, but expect Eve to always have a strong prey drive and intensity when in hunt mode. She will do best with a single person that focuses on bonding with her for the long haul so she can transition from hunting dog to companion dog lifestyle. She is sweet and has plenty of potential to be an amazing companion for the right person. She can be playful and affectionate and will do best with a person that is patient in building a strong bond with her.  

Are you the experienced and kind person little Eve is waiting for? She will make a wonderful family member if you are patient and give her the time to flourish. Eve is in a foster home in Ft Worth TX. She is spayed, micro-chipped, up to date on vaccines and tests, and heartworm negative.