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Titus is a very active but sensitive 2 year old boy. He is looking for a person or family to love. He's a young boy with all the new smells, thrills and excitement of life ahead of him. He's smart and sensitive; all he needs is a home and a person or family to love, to trust and to learn-from.

Titus enjoys his outdoor time alone or with his family, chasing birds and splashing in the wading pool. We haven't tested his swimming but he is probably a "water dog," and who doesn't enjoy some pool time when summer days get hot? He's a good walker and fine on a leash, and around the yard a 6-foot fence will set his boundaries and give him a place to run around and explore. He's moderately social -- companion dogs are great, but in his experience some unknown dogs are just too bossy and aggressive. He'll need your help with introductions and he prefers quieter companions. He's been fascinated by his (limited) contact with cats so far. We can't confirm him as a good cat-dog, but he has potential if you can set the rules while he settles in.

As much as Titus loves birds, we don’t believe that he has a hunting background, and he’s a a better fit as a family dog than as a hunter. He'll need some time to settle in, but Setters are famed for loyalty, and if you can set the rules and ease him into your pack then we expect that your efforts will be richly rewarded. He'd be best as a second-dog, with a built-in friend who knows the ropes and can teach him the dog's side of family life. He is already a sweet and fun people dog, and he hopes that petting relaxes you, because it sure relaxes him too!

Titus would do well in a busy setting, and won’t bother him if things are going on. He's fine with school-age kids or teenagers, and he's shy but gradually engaging with strangers. He is reserved but not fearful, but he doesn’t like big thunderstorms and he'll take his signal from you when the thunder starts rolling. He's likes his time chewing Nylabones, but he doesn't chew on other things around the house. He's fine with crate-time during the day, and at night his crate is his sanctuary. He’s a curious boy, but happy at home (indoors or out) and he’s not an escape artist. As with any Setter you’ll want to take some care with open doors, but your home will surely be his home and his favorite place too.

Titus likes being outside, and he's already good at "come" and "stay." He's very attentive with great recall, and if you're an eager teacher you should find him to be a good student. He has the smarts and attention for agility training, but you'll need to get him comfortable with new situations with unknown dogs before he'll be ready for that. He’s fully housebroken and he would love furniture privileges, as family time is one of his favorite things. He is smart and capable, and his best classroom days lie ahead for him. Car rides are also a joy for Titus.

He is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and ready-to go. He is in a foster home in Edmond, OK. Titus just needs to find the right person or people to be his owner, his family. He is shy sometimes but friendly and ready to emerge. Can you be the person or family that adopts Titus into the home and pack that he's dreaming of?