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Bixby is a smart and friendly 3 year old boy. His former owner just didn’t have any time for him and released him to SWESR. Some Setters are rescued from harsh and punishing owners and need some time to learn that their people can be loving and caring. Bixby was more fortunate than that, but Setters love human contact and Bixby has never had anyone to engage with him and fill his heart other than a neighbor that took pity on him and brought him over to her house during the day. Bixby likes people and is eager to love and trust, and he may be just one step - you! - from emerging as the “great dog!” he is. 

Bixby enjoys his outdoor time and is happy to play by himself, with his family, or with other dogs. He can self-exercise and entertain himself for an hour and he will benefit from a person with experience with high energy dogs like Setters that need to run multiple times a day. He would be best in a home with a yard with a 5-foot fence, because while he knows there is a world outside that fence, “home” is the world that he’s most eager to discover. He mixes very well with other dogs, and should only take a week or so to be at home with your family and your pack. Bixby is not safe around cats and his new home should not have inside or outside cats. He’s interested in the birds and squirrels he’s seen, but we don’t believe that he has a hunting background and he’s really not the right choice if you're looking for a hunting Setter. He is calm around other dogs and people, and he’s not anxious at home around the house. Bixby needs to be in a home with another dog(s) because he is so high energy--he would expend some of that high energy playing with other dogs.

Bixby would do fine in an active setting, and school-age kids or teenagers are fine with him. He has a warm personality even for preschoolers, but he’s an active boy and there is some risk that he might accidentally bowl a little person over in his excitement. He is a sweet dog and he loves his petting and hugs. He settles indoors and is quiet but not fearful, and he’s been fine with any thunderstorms or loud noises he’s heard so far. If he barks, it’s an alerting bark for you -- otherwise he’s a quiet young boy. He’s fully housetrained and he would love furniture privileges, but rules are rules and he can graciously accept that some couches and chairs are for dog-sitting, and some are NOT. He’s a curious boy and he's happy at home (indoors or out) but he’s not always looking for the way out. Still, as with any Setter you’ll want to take care that open doors and gates are always kept securely closed, even if your home is his home and his favorite place, too.

 Bixby knows a few commands so far, and "sit" and "down" (if he wants to hop up to greet you) are his best so far. He has been potty-bell trained, and (believe it or not) he‘s enough of a leader that he’s even trained a young puppy he lives with to ring the potty bell for him! He’s a quick study, and he should advance quickly with a good teacher. He may also be a good partner for agility training after you’ve taught him the basics. He is smart and treat-motivated, and the possibility of a treat can make him an even better trainee. Car rides are also a joy for Bixby. 

Bixby is neutered, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations. He is in a foster home in Lompoc, CA. He’s ready for family, and he just needs to find the right person or people to be his. He is a happy, warm and engaging boy who is eager to settle into home life. This Bixby is ready for courtship with a family he can call his own. Can Bixby be the magician who entrances his way into your home and family as your Setter?