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Creed - Courtesy Posting
My name is Creed. I am an approximately 7-8 year old Orange Belton English Setter. I’m neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. I’m a big guy – about 64 pounds. Still have lots of energy, but I also have that ‘setter quiet,’ where I love to snuggle. 

So, now that the basics are out of the way, here’s my story, it’s sad but true (OK, enough of Runaround Sue). But it is kind of sad and I am just going to put it all out there. I lived with my brother all of my life in a small outdoor kennel, rarely got out and got food thrown in through the fence. So, some kind people talked my former people into giving us up and we were transferred to a shelter out of the area. Well, we got adopted and our new peeps left us alone in the house the very next day – all day. Did I mention we lived in an outdoor kennel our entire lives? Well, you can imagine how that went – we got a little stressed and nervous and there may have been a little damage done to a few things. So, we were returned to the shelter. Well, my brother got adopted again and found his forever home. 

So, I got adopted again, but sadly returned to the shelter – again. I guess the neighbors didn’t like that I climbed the fence and pinned their goat. I didn’t hurt it, just pinned it. You know, like those rodeo people do? During that process, I was actually the one that got hurt. I damaged my ACL and I already have some mild arthritis from living in the cement kennel all my life. (Sigh) So, some new people came to the shelter and fell in love with me. They kind of didn’t realize that letting their 2 year old daughter climb all over me with my hurt leg was probably not the best idea. It HURT! And, sadly, I let the kid know it in not the most diplomatic way. OK, I bit her. Well, duh? I gave warnings – they even admitted they ignored them. Again – duh? So, off to the shelter I went, returned again… 

So, the shelter contacted English Setter rescue. It took a little while, but I am now in a foster home in Snohomish, WA. I’m doing great. The shelter kept me on restrictive regimen and my leg is doing way better. My foster home took me to her vet – doesn’t look like surgery is in my future. 

I’m living with another setter and her brother also comes to visit – I get along fine with other dogs with a little time and space to get used to them. Now, I’m not good with cats and I prefer adults and older kids. I walk nicely on a leash (my foster mom takes me for walks 2-3 times a day) and ride quite well in the car. I will go in a crate if I must, but prefer not to. My foster mom does leave me home for a few hours at a time and I’ve not damaged anything. (How was I supposed to know in that first home?) I even like to sit on the deck and watch the neighbor’s cows. Oh, and because of that little 'goat incident' I do need a secure yard. 

Anyway, I love people and would love to have my very own forever home with people that love me and have time for me. If you think you would be interested in adopting me, you can contact Kelley at 208-869-4065 or email for an application at Hope to see you soon – I’m well worth it. My foster mama says so…