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Gonzo is an adorable Setter puppy who has personality plus. He likes to “talk” and seems to have a lot to say. He loves to be with his foster mom, but is learning to adapt to her being away for short periods of time. He now knows that she will return every single time which has reduced his worry. 

His foster mom is committed to positive training methods and is using Recallers games with Gonzo and his brother. He has already learned that if he sits he will get a treat, and four on the floor will earn him praise. He loves his crate and is practicing good door manners. Gonzo is even learning leash manners, but like a typical Setter, he likes to be out ahead exploring the world. 

Gonzo’s foundation of positive training and his eager personality will make for a puppy that grows into an adult Setter everyone loves and enjoys.  

Gonzo’s eating habits are better than many children, in addition to his puppy food, his foster Mom adds vegetables, eggs and other yummy and healthy tidbits and he loves them. 

Gonzo has not had all of his puppy vaccinations yet so he is not a candidate for volunteer or commercial transports. He is fostered in Elmdale KS and his new family should be able to travel to get him and take him safely home.