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Matilda (Tillie)-Forever Foster

​Miss Matilda is a very sweet 8 year young Setter with good manners. She is looking for a forever foster home where she can spend the rest of her life with a person who will provide her with love and understanding.  

If you are not familiar with English Setters, an 8 year old is considered middle-aged and is still an active dog with plenty of energy for long walks, runs and exercising with their person. In fact, walking and exercising with your Setter is a great way to help a dog with anxiety and something Matilda needs daily. According to everyone who knows her, including her trainer, Matilda is a wonderful dog, she is dog friendly and people friendly. She does think cats should be hunted, it is her natural instinct, so no cats please. 

Our trainer says Matilda wants to control her environment and she suffers from anxiety when left alone.  This can be managed by crating her when you are away from home. We will provide her with an empire crate that she cannot escape from and she has come to recognize that as her safe place.  

She is looking for someone who is home more often than not and someone who can be the leader of her pack and is familiar with dogs that have anxiety. She will benefit from a home where there is a regular routine and she knows what is expected of her. If you are not familiar with our Furever Foster program, please read about it on our website here.

We are here to support Matilda and her foster, both monetarily and emotionally, providing for her care for the rest of her life.  Are you that person with a heart big enough to provide this sweet girl with a loving and supportive home for the rest of her life?