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Unlike the fictional children’s hero, Hank the Cowdog, Montgomery (Monty) did not have a storybook beginning. Monty spent his first years in a ranch in South Texas where he and his siblings lived in outdoor kennels.When rescued by SWESR Monty was severely underweight and food is a coveted resource for him. He was initially uncertain about living in a home with people. 

In spite of his unfortunate start in life, Monty is a truly delightful dog. He is so sweet and affectionate and makes friends with everyone he meets. He loves to have his neck and belly rubbed and if allowed, will cuddle next to you on the couch or on your lap nudging your hand for an affectionate pat and giving an appreciative lick in return. 

In the three months of foster care he has gained nearly 15 pounds and is a lean and handsome orange belton Field English Setter boy. As he ages he will grow more orange spots all over his body and have feathers on his legs and hind quarters and will sport a beautiful and distinctive English Setter plume tail.  

Monty gets along well with dogs and rough houses with his 6 year-old male English Setter house mate, stealing toys and following him everywhere. He loves to run in the yard and will bark at other dogs, squirrels and rabbits. True to the breed, he stops and points at migrating geese and ducks flying overhead. He knows his name and will come into the house when called, expecting a biscuit treat as a reward. He is also a sly escape artist and will slip past your legs and out the door if you are not careful.  

Monty wants to please. He no longer jumps on the counters and has learned to sit for his treats and his food. He is almost totally housebroken and will go to the door to let you know he wants to go out. As befits his initial upbringing, he can be selfish with his food and resources. He will let you know when he is protecting a toy or doesn’t want to be interrupted. He is crate trained and will willingly go into a crate for a treat. Monty now has earned the right to roam the house, but will stay in his crate when his foster parents go out or for an overnight sleep.

Because of his food and resource-guarding tendencies, Monty needs an experienced home with adults and possibly older teens. Young children would not be appropriate. The longer he is in a stable home the more comfortable and trusting he will become. He can leap tall buildings with a single bound (well jump over a sofa!) and requires a minimum of a 6 foot completely fenced yard. He is not a candidate to be let off a leash or to hunt. 

Monty along with his sibling tested positive for exposure to Chagas disease. Recent drug protocol trials from veterinary researchers and Texas A&M University have found a treatment and cure for Chagas. Monty is symptom free and will need to be on medication through February of 2020. He takes his pills once a day with food. SWESR will provide the medication to cure him of this disease. It is worth noting that Chagas disease is transmitted by the feces of the kissing bug and cannot be transmitted to humans or other animals from an infected dog.

Monty is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and tests, on heartworm preventative and microchipped. Are you the foster/foster-to-adopt home and family for this sweet Setter boy?