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If you're on this site you might already know a bit about English Setters -- that they are smart, warm and friendly, and that some are good hunting dogs. You know the image -- even if there’s no game and the duck blind is cold and damp, the dogs are happy because they get to spend *all morning* with their people!

Well, not all Setters are that keen on hunting; some Setters are just people-dogs. Smart and sensitive, they'll travel with you anywhere. Satchel is just such a people-Setter -- an athletic and engaging 7-year old English Setter. He was originally intended to hunt but when that did not work out he was saved by a Good Sam. He lived as a family member for several years but he is not comfortable with a new grandchild and now he’s looking for a home and a person or family to call his own.

Satchel is smart and curious, and he’s already fully house-trained and crate-trained. He loves to play fetch and tug-of-war, and he’s eager to learn. He’s smart and treat-motivated. Satchel is comfortable on a leash, but he may tug a bit and he will benefit from your guidance. He is confident going out in public places and greets strangers warmly and politely. He’s not keen on big thunderstorms, but then who is? He’ll draw his guidance from you, and if you’re cool with them he’ll settle in to being cool too. Satchel likes to run in the yard and loves outdoor time best if you’re outside as well. He’s not a leaper or a burrower, so if you have a fenced yard, that should be good for Satchel. He enjoys going for runs, and if you’re up for a walk then he is too!

Satchel is very affectionate and a velcro-dog with his people. He’s eager to make and keep his bonds with his people, rehoming multiple times can be difficult so like any rescue dog you’ll need to be patient with him as he learns that he’s your dog and you are his people forever. His best adoptive parents will understand his sensitivity, and work-from-home or be ready to spend time with him until things get settled. He’s an eager student and good match for older kids, but best to shield him from younger kids that make him nervous.

He is playful towards all kinds of other dogs, and he adapts to new dogs quickly and gets along well with everyone. Satchel's not proven yet with cats, his previous owners said he chased cats. Satchel loves the thought of daily runs or occasional trips to the dog-park, but even more he longs to settle into a routine with a person or people who will teach him, engage with him and will find in him a partner-for-life. You might sense a theme here: Satchel is smart, sensitive and loving – but he needs a stable home and relationships to bond the way he wants to. Satchel will need your time (and maybe your patience) as you and he settle into home life, but once you’re there you’ll NEVER find a more capable, dedicated and loving companion!

Satchel is in a foster home in Tulsa, OK. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines and tests, microchipped and on heartworm preventative. Are you the warm and guiding home that’s ready for a smart, loving and bonding friend for life?