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Setters as a breed are known for their friendliness and sweet demeanor and this describes one year old Wink quite well. She is super-friendly with people and dogs and she should adapt quickly to her new home. She’s a young girl and she’ll benefit from a home where her person is dog-experienced, steady and patient to provide direction and teach her the routines that will shape her world. She is confident going out in public places and greets strangers warmly and politely. She’s an eager student and good match for a home with older kids. 

Like a typical English Setter, Wink tugs a bit on a leash and she will benefit from your training guidance. She loves having the run of a yard and she will self-exercise for hours! She hasn’t been fully trained as a hunter, but she has good prey drive (that is, it’s always “quail season” for Wink!), and she may have hunting potential. Like many English Setters, she is a “water dog” who loves to wade and would probably enjoy swimming. When her exercise is over, she loves to lie in a dog bed out in the yard, and she’s happy to come inside when play-time is over.

Wink is playful towards all kinds of other dogs and she adapts to new dogs quickly. She will benefit from a home with another playful and balanced dog. She has not been fully assessed for living with cats but she may be ok with time, patience and caution. She once lunged at a cat on first contact but with a gentle reprimand she stopped. Wink is OK with walks but like runs more, and off-leash time in the yard (or occasional trips to the dog-park) is a foremost joy to her. As a smart girl she’s always ready for engagement, and she’s longing for a person or people who will guide her with positive reinforcement training. Her lucky person will find a partner-for-life in Wink.

Wink lost an eye as a young puppy and that is how she got her name. She is house trained but sometimes she has small excitement dribble accidents when the thrill of a loved-one getting home over stimulates her. Be her guardian and teach her the routines, and this will get better and you’ll never have a more loving dog. Wink is crate trained and she uses it for a nap or for people-away times. She has the basic commands: “sit,” “heel,” and “wait,” and she’s always ready for more training. Wink is smart, and she will benefit from a home that offers so much more to learn.  

Wink is in a foster home in Fayetteville, AR. She is looking for a home and a person or family to grow into the Setter she was born to be. She is healthy, micro-chipped, and current on vaccines and heartworm preventative. Are you the guide and companion who’s ready for a Wink from this sweetheart?