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Carmen is an adorable, petite, 8 month-old, spayed female English Setter. She came into rescue underweight, but is steadily putting on weight because she is very food and treat-motivated and finishes her meals quickly! It is important that food she is not supposed to eat is kept out of her reach and that she is not allowed to steal other dog’s food. She just can’t help herself; she loves to eat!

Carmen loves people and other dogs. She needs to have an energetic doggy playmate in her new home and she gets along with many different personalities, as she is very submissive with other dogs. She is a “velcro” dog who likes to be near her person at all times and she loves to play fetch and keep-away with toys. Carmen is calm in the house and enjoys furniture and bed privileges so she can snuggle with her family often. She gets nervous on leash-walks and on car rides and sometimes gets nauseous in the car. Her foster parents think this will improve with time and experience. Carmen is currently living with cats and is too curious about them to be considered cat-safe. 

Carmen grew up outside in a dog-run and was not given enough food or attention. She soaks up as much love and affection as she can get. Carmen needs to be crated when unsupervised, but she is very comfortable in her crate. She is about 80% potty trained, and occasionally has an accident in the house, so her new family will have to be committed to working on her house-training. It is also important that her house is “puppy-proofed” because she is still learning the difference between shoes and toys and needs to be directed toward appropriate items for chewing. Carmen is still in her puppy-stage of life and will bite and nip playfully and needs to be redirected to appropriate outlets for this energy. For these reasons, Carmen is not a good match for homes with small children, but should do well with older children that can set strong boundaries for her.

Carmen will do best in an active family with at least one other playful dog. She needs a securely-fenced yard to keep her safe while she plays with her family. Carmen’s future family should be prepared to go through the same training stages as a puppy with her: house-training, leash-training and obedience training. While she has already started learning these things, she will need continued guidance and patience. If you are looking for an affectionate, playful friend to spend lots of time with, please consider applying for Carmen. 

Carmen is currently being fostered near San Antonio, TX and is current on all of her vaccinations.