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Five year-old Dinah, rescued with the rest of the Junction Jazz, has been enjoying life in her loving foster home. She has learned the wonders of a warm bed, good food, and caring human interactions. Her foster family says “Dinah has a great temperament! She loves to work the backyard, run around, jump, play and has a lot of energy!
She has been a great companion dog to for the resident English Setter so another active dog that will run and play with her is important. She’s very affectionate, loving, super sweet, goofy and easy to love.”
As an active English Setter, Dinah is curious about the world beyond her yard, so a secure, 6' no-climb fence is a must. Anything stacked by the fence (like a woodpile) or near the fence is an escape route for Dinah. She needs a yard that is large enough for her to really stretch out and run and lots of Setter-interesting things to stimulate her; she could easily self-exercise and work her yard for 30 minutes or more several times a day. She is reasonably good on a leash, but has a strong interest in other dogs and meeting people so like most English Setters care must be exercised or she might bolt.
Dinah loves her toys, especially the throw toys, and always appreciates a treat. Dinah needs a home where she is treated with the calm, gentle care she has always deserved, but only recently experienced. With this kind of care, Dinah has easily learned several standard commands.
Soulful brown eyes and a stunning tri-color coat make Dinah a true English Setter beauty. She is house-trained, crate-trained, and fully vetted. Dinah will do best in a home with another active dog and no cats. She is in a foster home near Dallas, TX.