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Ellington is a 1.5 year-old, neutered male English Setter. He currently weighs around 36 pounds and needs to gain 5 to 10 pounds to be at his ideal weight. 

Ellington loves people and other dogs. He likes to be near his person at all times and he loves to play fetch and chew on toys in the yard. He needs another active dog in his home and a good sized fenced in yard and should be fine with a 4' fence. Ellington is calm in the house and enjoys resting on a comfy dog bed near his family. He is well-behaved in the car and excited and curious whenever he gets the chance to go and explore someplace new. Ellington is not safe around cats and will need a cat-free home. 

Ellington spent the first year of his life outside in a dog-run and was not given enough food or attention. He soaks up as much love and affection as he can get. He is also very food-focused and eats very quickly. Ellington’s future family will have to be committed to keeping his home “puppy-proofed” because he has a habit of eating anything that might be food, including trash and soft items such as socks. He also is still learning the difference between shoes and toys and needs to be directed toward appropriate items for chewing. Ellington should be crated when unsupervised for his own safety, and may not be a good candidate for a home with small children that might leave small objects laying around for him to eat. 

Ellington’s focus on people and treats make him an excellent candidate for obedience trials or Canine Good Citizenship. He would love a family with the time and ability to teach him all the basic commands, how to walk properly on a leash and to come when he is called. At this time, we are not recommending Ellington as a hunting dog. Ellington is currently working on his house-training and his crate-training and is doing an amazing job. He is also learning that he wants to be on the furniture, but that sometimes he has to respect his family’s boundaries. 

Ellington is currently being fostered near Austin, TX and is current on all of his vaccinations.