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Garbo is a one year old beauty that is looking for someone who is very active and preferably has another active dog in the home. She looks mostly English Setter and has the energy/activity level of an ES but she could be a mix. She loves to run and explore a yard just like a young ES and she will need a good size, secure fenced yard. She does not have the strong prey drive of a field ES. She appears to be ok with cats but would need supervision and slow acclimation in a home with cats to make sure. Like a typical ES, she loves people but we’ve not had her around children so she is not a candidate for a home with kids 9 and under.

Garbo needs all the things that an active young dog needs – lots of people time and training, plenty of exercise and stimulation, either an active dog in the home or a person that is mostly home and will make sure that she is socialized regularly with other dogs.

She is good with other dogs, crate trained and appears to be housetrained. She is currently in the Salt Lake City UT area and is hoping for a home that is within driving distance.