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Melba is a loving and energetic 1.5-year-old ES. As one of the 17 dogs who was rescued from a hoarding situation, it is no surprise that her beginnings were less than happy and predictable. As a result, she is timid of new situations and people. It takes her a bit to warm up and become comfortable so her forever home needs to be ready to match her pace and plan time for her to adjust. She will walk into your house with tail tucked but when she realizes you are kind and loving she will smother you with her appreciation. Melba loves to press her head against you and show you how much she loves you. When you arrive home after running errands or wake up in the morning, she can barely contain her joy to be back with you, leaping up to get close to you. She is an affectionate, active and social dog. 

With her appreciation sometimes coming out as jumping, a house with small children or elderly family members who could easily be knocked over may not be the best fit for her. She will sit on your lap and let you shower her with love and some scratching. In return, she will show you her appreciation for this new life as she plays with a toy or bounds across the yard. Melba will do best in a home with another active dog who wants to play with her.  She will need a yard with at least a 6' no climb fence and no cats in or outside the home. She gets along well with other dogs but can be persistent when she wants to play. She accepts corrections from the other dogs and the humans who care for her. Melba is learning not to counter surf and what the difference is between toys and shoes. She is learning to eat food from a bowl but even this is something new for her. She will require supervision to keep her housetraining moving forward but she is making great progress. Melba is a very smart girl who is treat motivated and she has already learned to sit for those treats. 

Melba likes to be up high and look down on the world, so she would love to have furniture privileges (something her foster family does not allow) or be able to stand up at the window and look out. She may have hunting potential. On her first trip to the hunting club she didn’t show interest in the planted birds. After releasing two or three pigeons for her, she quickly caught on. It will take time, patience and lots of birds before shooting over her, but hunting isn’t completely out of the question for this girl.

Melba is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and is spayed. She is in a foster home in San Antonio, TX.