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At the tender age of 7 years, Red’s life as a lonely kenneled dog came to an end. He is now enjoying the life of a SWESR rescue who is learning the joys of living in a home and engaging his Setter instincts in a securely fenced yard. He loves to spend time outdoors focusing on squirrels and birds and he requires a home with a Setter-interesting yard and fences that are at least 5 feet.  

Learning how to live in a house has been a project for Red as he previously had no training and little human contact. He is working on house training and has made great strides responding well to his foster’s patient encouragement. Like many rescue ES that aren’t familiar with having things and people, Red is resource guarding his food, toys, and even his foster mom initially. His furever home will need to continue to work on making sure that Red knows he will never run out of these precious commodities that were in short supply in his previous life.

Red is learning how to walk on a leash and has made significant progress on that skill. He loves to run at a dog park. Outside of a fenced area, he can never be off-leash because, like most English Setters, his instincts take over and his recall disappears.

Inside, Red is a classic couch potato. He loves a soft place to curl up and sleep and he will do best in a quiet home. In his foster home, he has furniture privileges—something he has learned to totally enjoy. He has also earned run of the house for short periods of time when his foster Mom is out. 

Red is very cautious around new people, and sometimes will bark assertively before allowing them to say hello. He will ultimately accept the new person as long as they are not dominant or threatening. If they try too hard to win him over, he feels threatened. The same is true for meeting new dogs. Red is very cautious and needs slow, controlled introductions to make sure he feels safe.

Red is somewhat of a loner, so would be fine as an only dog. Because of his background, he cannot be in a home with cats or small dogs. He also needs to be in a adult-only home, ideally one with a patient, experienced human who can continue to teach him the joys and expectations of life as a rescued dog. He is not a candidate for a home interested in hunting. 

Red is fully vetted and ready for adoption. He is fostered in Littleton, CO.