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Sofie is 16 month-old beauty who is ready for her forever home—a home that will be committed to her and willing to work with her young-Setter energy.
Sofie requires a home with an energetic companion dog that will run and play with her. She’s fast and a smaller dog couldn’t keep up, her resident playmate should be similar type high energy dog. She especially likes to be chased by other dogs and barks at the resident Setter to get up and play/run with her so she’s not a good match for older dogs or dogs that prefer to be left alone. An adopter who has experience with Setters or other high-energy prey-driven dogs would be ideal.

Sofie must have a home with at least a 5' fenced yard large enough for her to really stretch out and run. At her current home, Sofie goes out the back door very carefully so she can check out what birds or squirrels are there. Then she chases whatever she sees. Once she has cleared the area, she runs laps around the yard at full speed. Sofie loves water and has had the opportunity to swim in a salt-water pool and has learned to swim laps which helps her release some of that great Setter energy, so a pool would be a bonus (but not a necessity). She is not a candidate for a home with cats —inside or out.

Sofie loves humans and likes to be near them when in the house. She has yet to meet a human she didn’t like. She is a candidate for a home with children, but only if they have Setter, or Setter-like experience. She would be too challenging for an unexperienced home but Setter people will understand what she needs.

Cuddling on a chair or couch is one her favorite indoor activities, so furniture privileges are a must, including sleeping with her person. Because of her love of people and need to exercise, she needs an adoptive home with active people who can be at home with her a lot of the time. 

Sofie is fully vetted and ready for her forever home. She is in a foster home in San Antonio,TX.