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​Sadie is a beautiful liver and white Munsterlander longing for her forever home, a place where she can adore her owner(s), without other dogs to compete for your attention. Due to her prey drive, she is not suitable for a home with cats.

She is joyful, energetic, and loves her toys, especially the plastic ones. She enjoys fetch, keep away, and other games. She likes lounging on a comfortable couch, and will gladly share your bed with you. She’d really like it if she weren’t left alone often. 

Sadie is a very sweet, loving dog who likes being with her people, and enjoys meeting new people. She understands many commands like sit, stay, wait, down, shake, gimme 5, and, being intelligent, learns readily. She likes car rides, and is a very well behaved traveler, even on longer trips. Sadie enjoys baths and gentle grooming. She will self-exercise, given enough space, and loves to romp with her toys. She is very well-mannered. 

Sadie came to her foster home overweight with crate sores, walking on 3 legs, and a distrust of other dogs, having come from a hoarding situation with 96 other dogs in very close quarters. She has since returned to having a beautiful coat, healthy weight, and full mobility on all 4 legs. She runs, bounces and plays without discomfort. Being older (around 10 yrs.), she does have some normal aches and pains from old injuries and a touch of arthritis, but copes well, without the need for drugs. 

We have 3 acres that she is free to roam, and this has allowed her to rehabilitate from an old untreated ACL tear. If you don’t have as much space, she would do well with a daily walk, and is happy to relax on the sofa or bed afterward. She has been exposed to horses and llamas. As a bird dog, being around chickens is not a good idea. 

Her DNA test shows a she is a mix of Large & Small Munsterlander breeds, so Sadie has a strong hunting instinct and points, but isn’t able to do long days afield, and is easily distracted if off leash in open areas. Being a sporting breed she is very alert and is a good watchdog, alert to any potential intruder. She isn’t afraid of getting wet in the rain, and thunder is only slightly disturbing to her, but a gunshot sends her running to the house. Due to her injuries and her fear of gunshots, she is NOT suited for hunting; stalking sparrows in the yard is more appropriate. 

Sadie is spayed, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on heartworm preventative, and microchipped. She is in a foster home in Grand Junction, CO. She needs to be the only dog in your life, but will gladly repay you by being a wonderful pet and adoring companion. Sadie is eligible for our Seniors for Seniors program.