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Furever Foster Program
Southwest English Setter Rescue's Furever Foster program finds long-term, stable foster care for English Setters that may not be candidates for adoption due to age, disability or medical issues. Dogs in this program may have a shorter life-expectancy than other dogs or would be most comfortable not having to transition from one home to another because of their disability or medical condition. 

SWESR’s Furever Foster program is specifically designed with these dogs in mind. Perhaps you have had a foster dog like this and know the rewards of providing a permanent foster home for a rescue dog in need. We hope this program will interest and attract new people to fill the need for this type of fostering. Please share this with others that you think would be good Furever Fosters.

Those special households who are willing to open their homes to a senior or hospice dog will be rewarded with the joys of fostering for the remainder of the dog’s life. Caring for an older or special-needs dog can be very gratifying. They are full of love and just need someone to love them back. Knowing that you have changed a dog’s life by providing nurturing in their later years is an irreplaceable gift. And in fact, there are definite advantages to fostering senior dogs. They are lower energy, almost always fully housebroken, less likely to get into mischief, and generally easier to look after than younger, more rambunctious dogs.

If you think you have the kind of home that could be a Furever Foster home, please fill out our foster/adoption application by following this link. Our team will work with you to match you with an eligible Furever Foster dog. And not only is there no adoption fee if you choose to take one of these special English Setters into your home for the remainder of their life, but Southwest English Setter Rescue supports our Furever Fosters by covering the following expenses:

3-year Rabies
Distemper / Parvo and Lepto if recommended by the Vet
Medications for pain or comfort, or as needed for quality of life
Heartworm Prevention
Flea Prevention
Food prescribed by a veterinarian
Euthanasia and cremation

Even if you can't make the commitment to foster, please consider helping by making a donation to our Furever Fosters program. There is no minimum donation amount – you choose the level of donation that is right for you. You are welcome to select the type of expense you wish to sponsor so that you know exactly where your donation is going … whether you’d like to specify care for a particular dog, or to help pay for food, or ongoing medical care for several dogs in our Furever Foster program.  

We hope that you will consider giving one of our very deserving dogs their own Furever Foster home. 

12-13 year old Shotzie has some personality and behavioral issues that made him a good candidate for the Furever Foster program. He found his Furever Foster home in the Texas Hill Country with one of SWESR’s founders.
Prior to his rescue, 11 year old Styx lived his entire life at a Vet clinic as a blood donor. He has PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), a disease that resulted in his blindness. His foster family in New Braunfels, TX adores him and has welcomed Styx as a Furever Foster so that he will not have to make an adjustment to another home. 
Lady Daphney is a purebred Large Munsterlander. She is 8 years old. She joined SWESR’s Furever Foster program because of her severe separation anxiety. She is happy and adjusted well with her foster family where she is now home for good.
Paige is a sweet 8 year old who has lived most of her life in a 6’ by 6’ pen. She has found her SWESR Furever Foster home in the beautiful Texas hill country with her foster parents, her Setter mix brother Shiner and German Shorthair Pointer sister Molly.
Ginger is an 11 year young, sweet, shy, Velcro, 37 lb petite field English Setter that was rescued by SWESR after many years of neglect and backyard breeding. Both of her mammary chains have been removed because of tumors. She is now home forever in her SWESR Furever Foster home in Tulsa, OK.

Eleven year old Manny is very birdy and independent. Manny loves the lifestyle in his Texas Hill Country foster home so much that he convinced his foster mom and dad that there is no better or safer place for a flight risk crazy country boy like him to live.

Lou Ellen is a beautiful 5 year old tri-color girl that is retired from a hunting ranch because someone abused her with a shock collar. Lulu went to a great home near her foster mom but she decided she wanted to come back and live with her foster mom and fur-siblings. She has now found her "Furever" home in Crawford, TX.
Fred is approximately 11+ years young and lived in a kennel his entire life until he was rescued as a senior. He is blind from advanced age and possibly progressive retina atrophy. He does not let his blindness slow him down. Fred is staying in his foster home near Austin, TX as a SWESR 
Furever Foster. 
Jet is a 12 year young handsome tri boy. He is 
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Jet is kicking back and enjoying his life in the Texas Hill country along with his SWESR brother Matt as a SWESR Furever Foster. 
Daisy May is a 10.5 year young Llewellin Setter. This lucky girl has found her SWESR Furever Foster home in Menifee, CA with her wonderful foster mom and SWESR Phoenix and Bella.
Abby is a beautiful and very sweet 7 year old female. Abby is happily an only dog and found her SWESR Furever Foster home with her foster-to-adopt mom in Palm Springs CA.
India was rescued from a shelter in New Mexico and is a sweet senior girl. She may be deaf and has some mobility issues. India has found her Furever Foster home in Southern CA. 
Super sweet 1 year old Marlon was diagnosed with a rare degenerative neurological condition. Marlon is loving life as a Furever Foster with his incredible family and SWESR Cooper in Dallas, TX.
Maude is a beautiful 14+ year young bench setter who spent the last 10 years living at a sanctuary. She is now getting much needed vet care, good food, and LOVE. She will be a Furever Foster and be loved and taken care of for the rest of her life with one of SWESR's founders in Crawford, TX.
Duchess was rescued from a rural shelter in Oklahoma, estimated at 8+ years old. She is almost blind and deaf and has mast cell tumors. She will stay with her incredible foster family as a SWESR Furever Foster.
Sweet 8 year young Matilda is staying in her SWESR Furever Foster home in San Antonio, TX where she will spend the rest of her life with a family who will provide her with love and understanding. 
William is a handsome 4-5 year old boy, rescued from a TX shelter. Due to his lack of trust and socialization, he will remain with his foster family in Oklahoma City, OK as a SWESR Furever Foster.