Announcing the Junction Jazz : What's Happening with SWESR Dogs
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Willy's Dog Blog: What's Happening with SWESR Dogs

Announcing the Junction Jazz

by Willy on 02/09/20

Last week, SWESR responded to an unprecedented challenge. We rescued 17 (!) English Setters surrendered to local animal control from a deplorable hoarder situation in Junction, TX.

Here are the basics. We have 11 girls and 6 boys. Three girls are approximately 6, 5 and 3 and all the rest are between 1 and 2 years old. All but two are underweight and all of them are in need of good nutrition. All of them have medical needs that are treatable, including intestinal parasites and conditions that will heal. They are all understandably untrained and most of them are timid, but so sweet: not a single growl. Best of all, they are all now safe, clean, treated for parasites, vaccinated, and scheduled for spaying or neutering in the next two weeks. And finally, they are all absolutely gorgeous. With loving care and patience, each can soon become a phenomenal companion and family member.

Here's our pledge. In addition to finding loving foster and foster-to-adopt homes for every one of these dogs, we are also making another pledge: this will not happen again. If Junction, TX sounds familiar, it is. Last year we rescued The Junction Nine from the same location. Locals made a heroic effort to shut this puppy mill, now hoarder, down, but, sadly and for a variety of reasons, the situation was not resolved. The surrender of these dogs and others (not Setters) that went to local rescue, gives the city a real chance to finish the job this time. SWESR is committed to working closely in the next months with local authorities in Junction to support their efforts to put an end to this abusive situation once and for all. Whatever it takes. More on these efforts later, but for now, these amazing dogs need your help!

Here’s the plan. SWESR invites you to meet and learn more about the remarkable members of the Junction Jazz rescue over the next few weeks. Look for emails, Facebook posts, and check in at for continuing updates. We need applications to foster or foster-to-adopt every single one of these beautiful Setters. See our application here

Why Junction Jazz? These dogs have certainly known the canine blues in their short time on this earth. But as is so often the case, they are remarkably buoyant and ready to flourish. Every single one of the Junction Jazz has soul. You can see it in their eyes. Please open your heart.