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Meet Our Foster Homes
It takes a real team effort to rescue and rehome a dog. There are so many people who generously give their time, energy and resources to identify dogs at risk, pull dogs from shelters, drive dogs on volunteer transports, provide foster homes, fund veterinary treatment and temporary boarding, evaluate a dog for adoption, process our applications, visit prospective adopters, and finally place a Setter in loving forever home.

Below are some of our repeat foster homes that have made it possible for two or more dogs to find their forever homes. "Revolving Door" fosters are what make it possible for SWESR to rescue over 80 dogs every year! Fostering is very rewarding, and at times can be bittersweet, and we appreciate the contributions and sacrifices of each of these dedicated families. 

"We started volunteering for animal shelters in 1988 and began fostering in 1994. We have learned that in-home fostering allows us time to get to know the wonderful animals that others have discarded. With love, guidance and just a tiny bit of discipline, we've helped hundreds of dogs overcome issues and find the perfect family. Returning to TX from a road trip to FL, I picked up our first English Setter, a beautiful, skinny, flea ridden fellow who was eating road kill at the edge of a busy highway. This started our love-affair with English Setters. Our second Setter is a 'failed foster'. Sweet Caroline was one of a litter of five that we fostered. She became very ill, almost died, and once we pulled her through, we could not let her go! She is the perfect ambassador, welcoming and leading the many foster dogs that come through our doors. 
Milber and Rick - Foster Parents
"I have had dogs all my life. We inherited our first English Setter named Matty in 1999 after she was abandoned on a ranch in W Texas. It only takes one ES to get hooked. We now have Bud and Sissy (Urban Cowboy reference for all you non-Texans) through rescue, and I would not have any other breed, or adopt a dog any other way.  

I have been helping rescue by visiting and pulling from shelters, doing home visits and transporting. We have recently started fostering, and what a rewarding experience! God has put us in charge of taking care of the animals, and if we can make a difference with the rescues and help other families like ours, then it is all worth it!"
Kate - Foster Mom
We had the pleasure of fostering Billie and Charlie for SWESR in 2013 and it was a very rewarding for us. Since Billie was a tornado survivor and had several health issues, we really bonded with her in the 5 and a half months she was with us. Fortunately, she is healthy now and we love keeping in touch with her family and see how much she's loving life now. 

Our family consists of our Setters Luckie and Mo, our cat Sophie, and our foster Lab Lando. When we're not trying to help dogs, we love volunteering, hiking, and just having fun."

-Marcela and Roberto (Tito)- Foster Parents 

We began our involvement with SWESR in 2013 with our fostering of “Cooper” – our first English Setter boy! The website photos, and his story captured our hearts – and we were inspired and delighted by his courage, intelligence, sweet manner and endearing ways. We finalized adoption of Cooper in January 2014.

Since that adoption, we have fostered another three lovable Setter females; “Ellie” in 2014 and “Honey” and “Katie” in 2015. Although these charming girls have been adopted by other loving SWESR families, the times we shared with these beautiful animals always bring to mind many fond memories, smiles and laughter.

It is very rewarding to see the transformation of these often timid, slender setters into new confident animals after they receive great medical care and a heartfelt welcome into loving homes. These animals blossom and become transformed into fun loving companions in such a short time! Thanks to the support and dedication of the skilled SWESR staff and the creative, caring talents of all of the SWESR volunteers, the foster parent’s job is made much easier.
Jan and Michael – Foster Parents

We have lived in the Texas for over 18 years. We both grew up with big dogs at home.  Living in Pearland, we adopted our first English Setter back in the 90’s. Now Willie is our third English Setter. We have fostered two Setters for SWESR.
Ricardo and Rosana - Foster Parents