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Meet Our Team of Volunteers
It takes a real team effort to rescue and rehome a dog. There are so many people who generously give their time, energy and resources to identify dogs at risk, pull dogs from shelters, drive dogs on volunteer transports, provide foster homes, fund veterinary treatment and temporary boarding, evaluate a dog for adoption, process our applications, visit prospective adopters, and finally place a Setter in loving forever home.

Below are some of the people and businesses currently helping Southwest English Setter Rescue. Please click here to meet some of our repeat foster homes that have made it possible for two or more dogs to find their forever homes. Please click here for ways you can help.
"I adopted my first English Setter in Bellevue, WA over thirty years ago and I have shared my life with rescued English Setters ever since. My heart and efforts have always been with rescue animals and I have been lucky enough to spend the last ten years dedicated to rescuing animals, mostly English Setters and cats. 

I was honored to join forces with an amazing group of rescuers to start SWESR in 2012 and help English Setters in need in our region."
Susan - Director, Treasurer, Apps/Adoptions/Transport Teams, Foster Mom 

"I adopted my first English Setter in 2007 and my second in 2011. English Setters are a special breed, requiring homes with special people to lead them. After adopting my second ES, who had lived in a very neglectful situation, I felt the need to do something to help other dogs like him. In addition, to English Setter rescue I have been actively involved in local Boxer Rescue since 2010.

I firmly believe that fostering dogs is one of the most meaningful things I have done with my life and look forward to helping English Setters through SWESR and the great group of volunteers working with this group."
Robin - Foster Coordinator, Database Administrator, Apps/Adoption/ Facebook Teams, Foster Mom

"My rescue experience began in 2004, when I found two wet, frightened puppies that were covered in fleas, someone had dumped in the country. One of those puppies became mine, and the other found a home with a friend. After that, I worked with the Waco shelter fostering many dogs, including two mamas each with nine puppies! I got involved with English Setter rescue several years ago as a rescue transport driver, and then I opened my home as a foster for my first ES foster was abandoned in the Waco shelter. Since then, many of these beautiful and gentle dogs have been my foster children.

 In July of 2012, just prior to starting SWESR, I pulled a very sweet boy from the Waco shelter, who later was transferred into the SWESR Furever Foster Program. Romeo is the sweetest, most grateful and loving boy I’ve ever had. I am so excited to be a part of SWESR and I was honored to be asked to become the Furever Foster Coordinator in 2015. It is so rewarding to work with such a wonderful group of people to save the lives of these sweet setters."
Charlotte - Secretary, Apps Team, Foster Mom, Furever Foster Coordinator
"Brian and I were initially introduced to the English Setter breed after taking in an emaciated stray and nursing her back to health back in 2009. Once Molly's hair grew back, we found out she was an English Setter! She really is the reason we became so involved in rescue. We started out volunteering for transports that were going through our area but by 2010, we had our first English setter foster and have been hooked ever since.  Fostering, transporting and networking animals in need have become my passion. I am so lucky I get work with a great group, working to give homeless English Setters a second chance."

Updated 1/27/2014:  "A short tribute to our Molly can be found at the following link. She made such an impact on our lives and I hope that her story can inspire others to let a rescue dog into their home and heart. " 
Video of Molly's Story
Krystle - Intake Coordinator, Facebook & Apps Team, Foster Mom

Dr. Jennifer Wilcox 

Stonebriar Veterinary Centre 
5720 Town & Country Blvd 
Frisco,TX 75034 


"I was very fortunate to grow up in a family that loved animals. Growing up we had multiple dogs, rabbits, turtles, snakes and fish. As an adult, I have never been without a dog and grew to love and rescue feral and homeless cats as well.

After adopting my first English Setter twelve years ago, I started volunteering for a rescue group by fostering and helping with transports, home visits and applications. The most rewarding part was fostering these Setters, and with each dog I learned something new and loved helping them start their new lives. I am very happy now to help SWESR as part of the applications team." 
Sherry - Applications Team
"We adopted our first English Setter, Nellie, 12 years ago from our local shelter. She was just a few months old and described as a “Dalmatian thingy” in their description! We took one look and realized she was a purebred English Setter. We soon realized she was deaf in one ear and probably turned out by a hunter. She was the love of our lives and having to let her go in December was one of the hardest things we have ever done.

We held off for only three months before realizing we had to add another Setter to our family. They are just the best dogs and there was a huge hole in our lives without one. All of our dogs have always been rescues so this decision was no different. We found SWESR and ended up adopting Barley from them. We not only have the joy of a wonderful new Setter in our lives, but also the good fortune of becoming involved with the apps team and trying to help these amazing dogs find new families."       
Bonnie - Database Administrator, Website, Facebook and Apps Team
Jill - Applications Team
​"My grandparents had field English Setters, and I have loved the breed since childhood. I started doing 'informal' rescue with my local English Setter Club in 1999, pulling ES from shelters, transporting, fostering, and finding adopters. I have been associated with SWESR since 2013, and I am delighted and honored to work with this great group of ES rescuers."
Susan - Foster Dog Biographer and Foster Mom
​"I adopted my first English Setter in Houghton, MI not knowing what breed he was. That was almost 20 years ago. I have lived with these amazing dogs ever since, with two SWESR pups gracing my life now. After adopting Zephry and Trio from SWESR, I knew I wanted to be part of the effort to find loving homes for these beautiful dogs who return the love 100-fold. I am happy to be joining the SWESR team."
Patty - Foster Coordinator