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Sponsor A Dog
English Setters that find their way to our rescue program often need a significant amount of medical care. Besides the routine vetting we provide to all our rescues, some dogs come to us with significant health problems such as heartworm disease, infections and injuries. Adoption fees often cover only a portion of a dog's expenses to get them healthy and ready for their forever homes.  We depend on the generosity of our supporters to help us provide the necessary vetting for these dogs. Donating toward a dog's medical expenses is a wonderful way to participate in a rescue and become part of an English Setter's success story.

Please indicate the dog's name that you would like to help in the Special Instructions area of Paypal payment (click on our donate button at the top of this page). You may also make your donation by check (along with a note indicating which dog you'd like your donation to help) to: SWESR, 29560 Red Bud Hill, Boerne, TX 78015. Thank you!

SWESR's Furever Foster Program - Sponsors Needed!
​Our Furever Foster program was created to support the needs of our long-term foster dogs that are not candidates for adoption due to age, disability and/or medical issues. We are so grateful to our volunteers that are willing to open their homes to a senior or hospice dogs for the remainder of the dog’s life.  

SWERSR supports our Furever Foster program by paying for all these dog’s expenses (vaccinations, medications for pain or comfort, heartworm prevention, flea prevention, food prescribed by a veterinarian, all surgeries recommended by our trusted vets, eventual euthanasia if necessary, and cremation).

Many of our recent rescues that have become “Furever Foster” dogs have required expensive veterinary services in addition to the routine vetting that all our rescue dogs receive. We would be so grateful to receive donations to help us offset the cost of the life-time care for these special senior dogs. 

Fred is approximately 11+ years young and lived in a kennel his entire life until he was rescued as a senior. He is blind from advanced age and possibly progressive retina atrophy. Fred is in a Furever Foster home near Austin, TX.

Duchess was rescued from a rural Oklahoma shelter and it appears she has raised many litters of puppies. She is approximately 8 years old and is blind and mostly deaf. Duchess navigates her world well with the use of her nose and is very sweet and easy to handle. She is being treated for several tick borne illnesses. Duchess is a great candidate for our Furever Foster program where SWESR pays for her medical needs for the remainder of her life.

You can click here to meet all the Furever Fosters currently in our care. 

Thank you in advance if you are able to make a donation, whether to specify care for a particular dog or to help pay for the food and ongoing medical care for all the dogs in our Furever Foster program. We really appreciate your support! 


"Furever Foster" Fred
Reggie - Medical Sponsors Needed!
Reggie is an 8-10 month old English Setter (possible mix), owner surrendered to a south Texas shelter. He was in dire need of medical attention, covered in fleas and ticks and gums as white as could be. Reggie also has a severe leg injury from a cable/chain being wrapped around his leg and it was feared he would have to have it amputated. Reggie went to our vet today and had a full assessment done on his foot. The vet says he has both vascular and nerve function and is confident that with meds, rehab and tlc, Reggie can keep his foot!

The skin that is dead will slough off, and the other paw parts that are damaged will regenerate (nails, paw pads). He will need some at-home water therapy (which involves running pressured water over the paw daily). He will also be on a high dose of antibiotics. Once this is complete (about 4 weeks), he'll be neutered and ready for adoption.

SWESR would like to thank Nancy W., Peggy O., Cynthia W., Roberta F., Fred S., Lee J., Trish S., and Dianna H. for their generous contributions towards Reggie's care.

SWESR's Hank's Heartworm Program - Sponsors Needed!
Hank's program provides diagnosis and treatment for heartworm positive dogs coming into rescue, and provides necessary heartworm preventative for all SWESR dogs prior to their adoption. A devoted SWESR family created HHP in 2013 in memory of their beloved first English Setter. Their dog Hank came into rescue with severe HW disease and had to endure two treatment cycles. The program exists to honor Hank and all dogs who have needlessly suffered this highly preventable disease. At the deeply discounted fees charged by SWESR-associated Veterinarians, each course of treatment costs roughly $400 compared to a year's prevention of $60. The drought relief in the Southwestern US has resulted in an increase in disease-carrying mosquitoes and SWESR must be ready to treat and prevent!​